Our Values are a Part of Who We Are.

Our practice brings us into strong connection with projects that provide great social and environmental benefits. We realize our important role within the larger ecosystem. We hold the Earth in a public trust, and it is important to maintain and improve that environment for successive generations. 

We focus our public service projects at the nexus of energy, water, and agriculture. These projects are geared towards wildlife improvement and reconciliation ecology, including with the University of California, Davis’ Arboretum Waterway. The Waterway now includes weirs, Juncus patens and other native varieties, and a pump station for recirculating water – a great example of a local infrastructure improvement for the environment.

 We take hands-on public service to include proposing avenues for future progress in environmental systems. Dan’s been interested in using economic theory to reduce externalities, as shown through pricing carbon emissions and individual transferable quota fisheries to balance salmon populations.  Bruce has interest in watershed projects related to the Central Valley Project, utilizing natural infrastructure for additional project benefits. Over time, we hope that these actions will lead to greater economic and social well-being.