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We are Driven to Provide Positive Material Impacts on Society and the Environment

What We're About

Cameron-Daniel, P.C., specializes in the interdependent critical infrastructures in the energy, water, and agricultural industries. We work with clients that build, own, operate, and maintain critical infrastructure systems to better enable them to provide essential services to the customers and local residents they serve.

 The client relationship is central to our firm’s mission. We work in exciting, evolving industries, and love to visit a client’s projects to learn about how they are serving their community.  We enjoy deep research and analysis, and believe that client updates on key developments are an integral component of personal service. No business endeavors excite us more than learning about a client’s challenge, and crafting effective solutions thorough collaborative, systems-based approaches.

 We are uniquely structured for success in this new era of technological innovation and client service. Our firm chose to organize as a California benefit corporation, a newer corporate structure focused on creating a positive material impact for society and the environment. We receive regular third-party review by the most prominent certification organization in the nation to ensure these goals are met. This means clients have access to transparent, efficient, and personal service with a company that promotes economic and social well-being. 

 Our firm is organized around action, and we seek every day to create a positive impact through our activities –from a client’s water project, to our regular company outings, and hands-on public service projects, we seek to provide lasting positive impacts for the community. Please give us a call to learn about how we can best help you.